Day Opportunities

Why choose Camphill Holywood?

Holywood offers opportunities for adults with learning disabilities and other needs. 

Adults can engage in baking, cooking, food preparation, food service, hospitality, craft and art activities. 

Our integrated workplaces in the centre of Holywood town provide spaces where adults can learn new skills and develop existing skills that are useful both in the home, in life and in future employed roles.

Adults can work at their own pace in a holistic, person-centred environment.

Our staff are trained to support and encourage each individual to maximise their own potential.

Through our public-facing workshops, adults can widen their social circle, meet new people, develop friendships and make connections.

Further information about the day opportunities offered in Camphill Holywood can be found below and in our brochure which you can download by clicking on the link in the menu (above/left).