Kit from RICS!

The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors has kindly donated a monumental amount of items to Camphill Community Holywood due to the closing of their Belfast office premises.  We are so very grateful for the thoughts and kindness of Ms L O'Connor from RICS for thinking of us and we of course extend a massive thank you to RICS!!!  It could not have come at a better time for the community, donations make such a difference to us.  We, like a lot of other non-profit organisations are ploughing forward through COVID trying to do all we can to survive and retain the opportunities, jobs and services we provide.  We are so grateful, thank you again RICS!

Dressed to impress and ready to test!

Testing has been introduced for all people working in the health and social care sector.   We don't consider ourselves as 'just care workers' we are all part of the community and work alongside residents for the benefit of each individual community member but - we do care and therefore we're all lining up to ensure that we do our very best to try to prevent COVID-19 from reaching our residents.   Here are two of us in the full PPE, faces sweating and visors fogging ready to start testing! 

Whether the weather!

The wonderful fashion-forward festival attire left by previous coworkers has been dusted off.  People of Holywood, don't be jealous!  We're so committed to health in Camphill,that our co-workers and residents will walk in all weathers - our co-workers will even walk in torrential Northern Ireland monsoon conditions in sandals - that's dedication!

AB returns to university

We would like to offer immense thanks to our medicine student AB who came to join us as a co-worker and to provide much needed help and assistance to our community.  As you can see, brains, beauty and fitness were not AB's only talents - her gifts of drawings for the residents are truly marvellous.  We are so grateful for your help and contribution, you have been a fantastic co-worker and I hope you return to community to visit us.  Good luck with all your studies and your return to university.   You'll be brilliant at anything you want to do in the future AB - with love and well wishes from all of us in Camphill Holywood.  

Peace love and face masks!

Hasn't COVID been strange? Our co-workers are all masked and wearing PPE following regional guidelines, the residents have had to watch us look strange and haven't seen us smile for a while (due to mask requirement - not because we're grumpy!).  But, we don't leave anyone out in community, so our residents are free to look just as strange as us!!!  


The house community will not let COVID get them down, although it looks like it in this picture!  Our wonderful house coordinator is doing in house yoga sessions for zen and flexibility - both keenly required in these strange COVID times we all are living in... and forward fold! 

House coordinators can handle it!

When breakages happen our house coordinators handle it with grace and... maybe they didn't handle it well in this case but our coworkers in Camphill Holywood both volunteer and employed do a fantastic job, particularly during COVID they have created opportunities, laughs, fun and a warm atmosphere.  Our residents would have struggled immensely with the COVID lockdown and restrictions if it were not for the hard work, dedication and sense of humour they bring to community.  

Camphill Holywood's first T-total nightclub!

It is one of our resident's 25th birthday, unfortunately they cannot have a huge party (as would normally be organised) due to COVID restrictions, but we adapt and overcome here in community so cake and celebrations were still on the menu and our house coordinators created Camphill Holywood's first t-total nightclub - check out the glo-sticks and balloons!

Wellbeing & Crafts - Day Opportunities

Despite COVID restrictions limiting actions for residents, we have kept things going in the houses.  Our day opportunities programme has a wellbeing workshop, which consists of crafts, activities such as yoga and is aimed towards fostering talent, engaging our creative sides. Having the opportunity to engage in arts and cultural activities enriches our lives, engages our imagination and nurtures the soul.  When we are able to, we will be rolling these day opportunities sessions to people outside of the community and is open to adults with learning disabilities or other difficulties - keep an eye on our webpage and facebook or contact us for more information.  

Preparing and packaging

Each of our chutneys and jams sold in the shop are prepared by members of the community, each individual adds their own talent, their own artistic flair and a smile to the products for each customer.  Even during lockdown our community works hard but through our work we are able to experience joy, togetherness, value and responsibility.