When you cannot go to the festival, the festival comes to you!

When we cannot have big festivals, this does not put us off in Camphill Holywood.  Our residents and house coordinators found that celebrating together in the house community can be just as fun, and still just as mad! 

Working from home

COVID-19 may have shut down operations in the workshops for many of our residents with learning disabilities but they still are hard at work for our customers at home.  We've created a packaging workshop and our wonderful community strives on through COVID to bring the local down packaged deliveries.  What a brilliant effort.  

Bake your way through COVID

Its been troubling times, but we've been baking to support our local community, our bread shares messages of kindness for customers!

Nature is nurture

Our residents have been managing the lockdown and social distancing well.  Our house coordinators have been thinking up all sorts of activities to help with our mental wellbeing in community.  We know that nature brings us joy and happiness, it calms the mind and enlivens the spirit.  What better than a bit of tree bark art?

Sushi party!

As things have been a little bit drab with COVID-19 lockdown keeping the community isolated, we decided to have a party of our own.  The house community brought colour and vibrancy to liven us up, tasty, healthy food all wrapped up in a seaweed bundle!  Yum!

Warm wishes and warm weather

We would like to offer a Thank You to all of our wonderful new members of staff who came to work with us when our volunteers had to leave.  The community was turned around within one week, by two weeks we had a fully trained employed staff structure.  8 new members of staff in total joined us at the end of March/beginning of April.  Our existing staff worked hard to ensure the community could continue in very difficult times, they provided support, advice and assistance.   You can tell by the smiles of our community members that the hard work of our staff, old and new, have brought joy, fun and caring to the community.  Our mood has been brightened by you all, the weather has warmed and even the flowers are showing their appreciation by blooming beautifully for us.   

Valentines Messages

Valentines was a great celebration in community, each person passed and received kind messages to one another.  There's a lot of love and friendship here. 

Baked in the fall

Its October.   We're seeing the colder weather, the nights are darkening and the autumn has truly set in.  As the leaves fall our baker reflects the beauty of the season for our customers up with some leafy designs.  She's so talented! 

Kite Flying

It was festival time in Camphill Holywood and the community came together for some kite flying... up up and away!

St Georges Market

Camphill Holywood was out at St Georges Market selling our fantastic homemade products.