Breast Cancer Fundraiser

Camphill Holywood baked to raise money for breast cancer charity.   Customers enjoyed seeing and eating these fab treats for a great cause!  - Supporting our community. 

Picnic with Camphill NI!

A wonderful bank holiday in the sun eating, singing and dancing @ Camphill Community Mourne Grange, alongside our other neighbouring communities Camphill Clanabogan and Camphill Community Glencraig. We had a super time and enjoyed every minute!!! #creatingCommunity #inclusion#camphill

Award Winners!

Camphill Holywood attended the awards dinner and scooped two awards today, "Specialist Retailer of the Year" and "Fresh Produce Provider of the Year"

Congratulations to us, and a very big thank you to hard working members of our community and our customers!

Camphill Voices - Promoting residents' views

Yesterday our residents went to our neighbouring community of Mourne Grange for the second installment of Camphill Voices.    The residents joined together with residents from all of the Camphill NI communities and were able to voice their thoughts and ideas about living in Camphill, the care they receive, contact with social workers and other healthcare professionals.   The residents enjoyed this immensely and felt included and listened to.   The next one will be at Camphill Glencraig!  

Some of the comments from the adults that attended were:

"We'd like to get to know our Social workers... and for our social workers to be interested in our lives'

"We'd like people to know more about us..."

"We'd like to tell people more... by going into schools that have children with special needs"

When co-workers are away, its takeaway supper day!

The co-workers were out on a night out, leaving our residents and two house coordinators.  There was nothing else to do but hunker down with a lavish takeway supper and get some good movies on!   Bet they had a better evening than the co-workers!

The hunt for wild garlic

You don't get your fresh ingredients in your soughdough from just anywhere... local wild garlic picking in red boots is how we do it!

Two employed vacanies in Camphill Holywood

We have two employed vacanies in Camphill Holywood.  For more details and information on how to apply please go to the 'Join' page. 

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!! Camphill Holywood Community is back, the cafe is open again for business and everyone has enjoyed their holidays, we hope you did too!

Happy Halloween

Its that spooky time of year in Camphill Holywood, no the office people haven't surfaced from behind their desks, it is Halloween!  We have our pumpkins carved, our masks at the ready and we'll be in the local town with the kiddies of the community on our annual 'trick or treat trek'.   I hope you have some sweets at the ready! 

Congratulations on your distinction!

We always knew she was clever and talented but our wonderful baker (previously volunteer co-worker) has impressed us having recently graduated, with distinction, achieving the Advanced Diploma in Artisan Bakery.  You may have noticed our fine new selection of breads in our bakery, if you haven't, definitely give one of our tasty loaves a try!  Well done Siobhan!