What we do


"In a Camphill Community we strive to be a circle of people in which the individual is seen - at least in glimpses and at times - in his true colours and strengths, in his potential greatness" 

From Well Springs, 2016


Work Life


In Camphill Holywood, as in all Camphill communities, work in the community has purpose and meaning.  Each member of the community participates and contributes in whatever capacity they are able to.  Work can be in the houses and social spaces, helping to cook, homemaking, preparing for festivals or gardening and community members can also help in a variety of different roles in the workshops (the bakery, cafe and shop).   Contributing to the community gives each individual the opportunity to feel a sense of responsibility, belonging and value, which in turn promotes confidence and self-esteem. 


Home Life


"The foundation of life is love, and home is an expression of love"

From Veronika van Duin, Homemaking and Personal Development


We offer residential care placements for adults with learning/intellectual disabilities /autism.   Home life is not 'nursing home life' in our Camphill community we promote, encourage and support independence.  We respect the rights of individuals to make choices, have fun and to make valuable contributions.  Our homes are beautiful and comfortable and the staff are supportive and understanding, helping each person to maxmimise their potential.