During your visit to the café it is almost impossible not to spot the organic shop.  In the shop we have a wide range of foods on offer.  Whether you are looking for something sweet, something savory (or a bit of both!) we can provide.

Among the hundreds of products that we have in stock is a wide range of chocolates and other sweets.  From chilli to ginger to milk to special dark chocolate we have something to satisfy your sweet tooth.

We also have a wide range of dried goods such as pastas, rice, beans and so on as well as a full range of muesli and cereals.

As well as having a full store of dried foods and dairy products we also get fresh deliveries of organic seasonal fruits and vegetables.  The choice of produce that we carry depends greatly on the season and it is quite common to find something you have never seen before.

When you visit Camphill Holywood we hope you will be pleasantly surprised;  you only came in for a loaf of bread, a cup of coffee or an apple and you leave with a smile!